Monday, April 23, 2012

LaChute River

I'm out of town for the Week for work, I'm up In Fort Ti, NY  there are so many places to fish around the area, So after work a co-worker and my self set out to this local River full of Dams, and Water Falls, The town uses the river to Create Electricity, But there are a lot of Different species of fish in the river,

We hit some deep slow moving pools with No luck, i hit a long stretch of calm water and threw a Dry and boom and nice size Rainbows Hammers it!!  It put a nice Smile on my Face, we moved up stream a little ways and hit a fast moving deep hole at the bottom of a Waterfall. I tie on a Silly Legged nymph.And with in 5 cast I landed another rainbow, so I said to my self there gotta be more in this hole, so I kept casting and Casting and after a while i figured where I had to through it, I landed a Total of 4 Rainbows, my Co worker Landed 3,

All in all a great night on the water

Here is the Porn,

Tight Lines!!!


  1. Nice bows, looks like an awesome time out.

  2. Wow, that place looks amazing, nice shots and catches!