Monday, October 15, 2012

Salmon River

been a couple months from my last blog, really have not done much fishing, very busy with work and new job as a supervisor

I did get some time to take a ride with my good buddy Pat Cohen. To the Salmon River, the salmon started to run early this year so we heard it was good fishing up there, so off we headed,

it was a perfect day for it, 60's Sunny, river was running at a low 185cfm, and was also about 60's in the water,  We showed up to the River and Found everyone and there Brothers up there, we hit a couple spots we know are good and so did everyone else,

So we went to a spot not alot of people go and walked up river a ways and found a great spot,

With in 5 mins i was hooked in to a big male Salmon and He took me for a Run but i Landed him, i was Stoaked My First Salmon ever,  i ended the Day with three Salmon Landed  and tons of hook ups, Pat Landed one and Hooked in to a Ton too  a couple Really Nice Coho's but lost them at the Shore

hope to be going up again soon   For the Steelhead Run!!!!

enjoy the Pics

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Fish Pictures from Fourth of July


Been Slacking on my Blogging, been very busy with work and have had very busy weekends. so i figure while i got a chance ill throw up a couple Post,  Back a few weeks ago My Buddy Pat Cohen took me to his Carp Grounds a very shallow Muddy Lake on a Farm. this is only my second time Going for Carp on the fly. 

When we got there and got all set-up, we could see a few Feeders with there Tails up, and about 90% of the rest were all Spawning and jumping out of the water. What a Sight to see, We stalked around the Banks making Cast after cast, i watched Pat hook into about 6 Carp but loosing each one, Then finally i hooked into a Carp, What a rush and a run, took me for a ride making my Reel Scream, Finally getting him to the Bank and Pat Netted him for me Snapped some pics and released him back, So as i was walking around more I found another Tailer, So i put the fly just past him and Striped in slow in front, from what i could see was a Tank of a Shadow in the water, and as i went past him he sucked it up and took off, this guy was a Pig, played for a Minute or two then i hear SNAP!! and line went limp at first i thought my line snapped, but as i look up i see that the second section of my fly rod had Snapped in half, not at the Ferrule but near the guide, the i lost the Fish, was upset at first but Thank god for Life time Warranty,  sent out my rod and couple days later they sent me a New one,  Hope to do it again soon!!!  here are some Pics!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Small-Mouth Kinda Weekend

This past weekend was Hell of a Fishing weekend, I got out twice, Once was just on foot and the other was a couple hour float trip on the local Creek with a Co-worker of mine,

My on foot trip was back to my Walleye Spot on our local creek hoping for some more big walleye, and it did not disappoint me, second cast I land a 19inch Eye, i released him back, Then after that is a hand full of Full of Spunk Small-mouths, not the biggest in size but they still put up hell of a fight, also ended up with a Little Eye maybe 14inch all fish were released to there homes!!!

Sunday i went on a Little float trip with a buddy of mine. We didn't have to go far to find the Fish, we first fished the calm water just above a Riff  pulled a hand full out,  then on our way back to the dock we hit some flat water about 1-3ft in depth and found there were hanging behind these big flat rocks, last cast of the day landed me a inches,  did get one thick rock bass also   was a great weekend of Fishing

Here are just a couple i got Monday Night after work up north near Lake Champlian

Tight Lines!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

First Walleyes of the Year!!!

Hit my local creek today for about a hour before a Stormed Rolled in, The water was high, moving Fast,

But I have been hearing people pulling nice Eyes out from the Section, so with time to kill, I chucked some Streamers across and with a Medium Retrieve on my second cast Hooked into my first Walleye, Got him in to the Bank and he was good size 17inch,  Now I'm 90% Catch and release, but i couldn't resists some good walleye Fillets, so i decided to keep him not knowing i would end up with 19incher about ten Min's Later,

then the Rain Came in so i called it a Day,  not to bad for under an Hour of Fishing!!!