Monday, October 15, 2012

Salmon River

been a couple months from my last blog, really have not done much fishing, very busy with work and new job as a supervisor

I did get some time to take a ride with my good buddy Pat Cohen. To the Salmon River, the salmon started to run early this year so we heard it was good fishing up there, so off we headed,

it was a perfect day for it, 60's Sunny, river was running at a low 185cfm, and was also about 60's in the water,  We showed up to the River and Found everyone and there Brothers up there, we hit a couple spots we know are good and so did everyone else,

So we went to a spot not alot of people go and walked up river a ways and found a great spot,

With in 5 mins i was hooked in to a big male Salmon and He took me for a Run but i Landed him, i was Stoaked My First Salmon ever,  i ended the Day with three Salmon Landed  and tons of hook ups, Pat Landed one and Hooked in to a Ton too  a couple Really Nice Coho's but lost them at the Shore

hope to be going up again soon   For the Steelhead Run!!!!

enjoy the Pics

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