Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Fish Pictures from Fourth of July


Been Slacking on my Blogging, been very busy with work and have had very busy weekends. so i figure while i got a chance ill throw up a couple Post,  Back a few weeks ago My Buddy Pat Cohen took me to his Carp Grounds a very shallow Muddy Lake on a Farm. this is only my second time Going for Carp on the fly. 

When we got there and got all set-up, we could see a few Feeders with there Tails up, and about 90% of the rest were all Spawning and jumping out of the water. What a Sight to see, We stalked around the Banks making Cast after cast, i watched Pat hook into about 6 Carp but loosing each one, Then finally i hooked into a Carp, What a rush and a run, took me for a ride making my Reel Scream, Finally getting him to the Bank and Pat Netted him for me Snapped some pics and released him back, So as i was walking around more I found another Tailer, So i put the fly just past him and Striped in slow in front, from what i could see was a Tank of a Shadow in the water, and as i went past him he sucked it up and took off, this guy was a Pig, played for a Minute or two then i hear SNAP!! and line went limp at first i thought my line snapped, but as i look up i see that the second section of my fly rod had Snapped in half, not at the Ferrule but near the guide, the i lost the Fish, was upset at first but Thank god for Life time Warranty,  sent out my rod and couple days later they sent me a New one,  Hope to do it again soon!!!  here are some Pics!!