Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Flies

I figured id share with everyone Some Flies that I have tied myself, they are nothing pretty, I'm not the best but I try my Best, So here is some of my work

                                         These are my Take on the Todd Wiggle Minnow,

It took me weeks of looking in every Craft store in the Area to end of empty handed trying to find the Foam Cylinders for these Flys, I ended up ordering them from a Online tackle Shop, I have only used them a couple times with good Outcome, 

Clouser Minnow

My Very Bass ever caught on Fly Rod was with a Clouser Minnow, I have Tied them in other colours but cant seem to find the Pic's

 Glo Bug's  

These were my take on the Alaskabou Fly
I tied these one night out of the Blue when I came  across them looking on the Web, they looked neat and easy to tie so i gave them a Shot, and posted a couple pics on Instagram, turned out a Certain Guy by the Name of Morgan of Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman really liked them and Wanted Some, I was in shock but yet had a Big smile on, so I did a Swap with Morgan, and hope he Rips some lips with them,

I have also seen people say these Brassies do Wonders for Trout and Steel-head, So here is attempt on them, I did find these really cool Rainbow beads that have couple Mixed in color, and thought they would look real neat, so I did them in Blue,Red,Copper wire, I enjoyed tying them and will be Doing more soon just for fun, but I'm always looking around on the web for new fly to try out, someday id like to have my own style fly that I come up with,

Hope to have some Fish Porn Soon, ill be hitting the Ice one last weekend, then its gear up for Trout Season, and WarmWater fishing.  Until then
Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Blog Post!!

Well here is my First Blog post, so I guess I will introduce myself,
    My Name is Steven Carr  Aka FlyFishing84 on Instagram,  I live in up-state Ny in a small town. I work for the D&H/Cp Rail Road I am a Foreman of a Signal Construction crew, we install crossings and signals, along with radio and communication towers.  I love my job, I am a 4th generation Railroader,

I have a Loving Wife that dose pretty good with dealing with my Fishing Obsession.  We have a 3 year old Son named Aiden and our 6month old Daughter Maddie. All my son talks about is going Fishing, he has his very own rod and reel with Tackle box.

My wife Courtney, I got her hooked a little bit on Fishing in 201, while she was 7-9 month pregnant I had her pulling nice size smallies out of our home town creek.  She was having a blast, but as soon as the bite went away she gave up and said " I'm Bored"

So about me, I have been fishing since I was around 13ish.  I started fly Fishing about 2 years ago, when I met a Great Friend and Sick Deer Hair Bass Bug Guru,  Mr Pat Cohen, I met him when i went into the local Tattoo Shop to get my First Tat, and when I Showed him the Hook I wanted, the Rest of the day was spent talking about Fish while I got inked, Pat Asked me if I had ever fly fished  I said no But i had been doing a lot of reading about it and that I went to a Fishing Expo the day before and actually had picked up my First fly rod a 8foot6inch LLBean setup, so he asked What you doing in morning? would u like to learn how to cast, I agreed,  so next day he had me casting in no time, so next Question was have u ever been in a Kayak?  i was like Nope LOL.  So he said tomorrow we get u in a Yak and Rip some lips.  I said Sounds good to me, so we fished a local pond, caught my first ever Bass and Pickrel on Streamer Flies  After all that I have not been able to Put Down or stop thinking of Fly fishing!!

Pat and I do try to get together once in a while and Whip some Flies around, but he been so busy with Orders and Shows,

Id live to Share a few pics of my Favourite Catches

 My First Ever Walleye On the Fly

My Biggest Bass Ever

Ice Fishing

18ich Brown

I love to Take pictures of fish and Nature.  I could Share my Pictures all day, Put ill share them threw out my Post,  So I hope everyone enjoyed reading about me.  Hope to have Some Fish Porn Soon!..

Tight Lines All!!!!