Monday, May 7, 2012

Small Lake Pig!

Friday Night I Loaded up my Gear and My Kayak. To set out Saturday Morning to Trek Some new waters. A local lake I was told about that has some great pan Fish and Crappie fishing. The lake is no more then 10ft deep and is Surrounded with weed beds all the way around.

So Saturday Morning comes around, I get up and hit the road and here i thought the weather was supposed to be mid 60's to 70's and clear, as I'm driving its Dark and Grey with very light mist. As I get Closer to the Lake the Rain comes Down hared. So I'm like Great day ruined. But i figured id wait it out a bit, and to my luck it stops, In the water i go.

I paddle around a bit and i get into a school of Crappie and Perch, and some decent Palm Size Bluegills. I was really hoping to hit Some Large Mouth Bass. On to the Weed beds I go. I tie on some Deer Hair Bass Bugs. Start whipping into the weeds, and No attack only thing where little bluegills nipping at the hook, So I tie on a olive Wighted Woolly Bugger my go to fly, and first cast into the weeds next to a Dock, i get a Hook set, and Look and my rod is Barely bent, Another Bluegill,

As I'm stripping the line i hear a Whoosh Sound and look at the pan fish and see a big swell of water near it, I looked into the water and there is a Hog of a Bass going after the Blue Gill. And then just as i get the Gill to the Yak, The bass jumps out at the gill, and gets it in its Mouth and heads to the Bottom, now my Rod is Doubled over and my yak starts to spin and get towed, All of a Sudden rod goes Limp for Split Second then Double back over, I start to reel in the Bass  and he pops his head up and I could not Believe the Size of just his head,

I grab my net and Got it in the Yak, I could believe the Size of her/him,

Measured 21inch

guessing 4-4,5lbs

Here are some Pics

Tight Lines!!!

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