Friday, April 20, 2012

My New Tattoo

So i have been throwing around ideas for a new Tattoo, so i contacted my Friend Pat Cohen, and told him what I been thinking of and he said no problem i draw something up.

So a week went by and i went in for my Appointment, to find him drawing up my tat, he said he had looked and looked and could not find anything that caught his eye. Till he happen to look on his Coffee table and there Sat the The Drake, and the Perfect Silhouette of a Fly Fishermen Casting and it fit perfect, he added some line and some shading and Background and here is the Finished Tat!!!

I'm Stoked to be able to Show off my Passion of Fly-fishing!!!!! I'm Already Thinking of the next one!!!


  1. Hey bud its Johnnyb12345 from instagram. Enjoyin your posts, keep em comin. btw thats a bad ass tattoo!

  2. Thanks so much. I'm hoping to get out there alot. I'll be doing some interviews. Hope to get my name out there in the fishing world.

  3. Very nice! This is so similar to what I want to get, as a tribute to my dad. He past away recently but spent as much of his time as possible casting and collecting antique tackle. He'll be with me always.