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River Hunter Flies Owner Stephen Prunier Interview

Q & A with River Hunter Flies Owner Stephen Prunier

I asked a Good friend of mine Stephen Prunier to do a Little Q&A for my Blog about his Business of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

How did you get into Fishing? 
Like a lot of others, my Dad introduced me to fishing at a young age.

When did you start Fly Fishing? 
My first time fly fishing was 25 years ago. I spent ice-out weekend trolling for Salmon and Lake Trout on Moosehead Lake, in Greenville ME. I also started learning how to cast from shore. I loved it, but it was several more years until I became committed to Fly Fishing only. Like a lot of people I didn’t know you could fly fish for “All Species” so I continued using my spinning gear until 10 years ago when I gave it all to my brother.

What's a little Back ground on your self?
Let’s see. I have always been creative in everything I do. I have been, or still enjoy being, a Musician (guitarist) a Chef, Fine Art Photographer (still) Carpenter, and I worked with my late Father at his Consulting Business. I kind of march to the beat of my own drum, so mostly I have been self-employed. I currently operate River Hunter Flies, which is where, I sell my Flies, and offer Fly Fishing & Tying Lessons. I also have my Photography businesses. I have lived along the Coastline of Massachusetts North Shore for all of my life. I also spend time in Myrtle Beach SC, were I have family, and look forward to fishing that area too! For me, it’s always been about enjoying what I do .I found “What I Love To Do” when I started River Hunter Flies ( just over two years ago. It’s not an easy way to make a living. But it makes me happy!
What and when did you tie your first fly?
The first fly I ever tied was a Hare’s Ear Nymph. About eight years ago I purchased a cheap (cheap) streamside tying vice kit. You know, the ones you see in the catalogs for twenty dollars! At the same time I bought two of the Fly-Rite kits for the HE and the Prince Nymph. Within 24 hours I had a new Griffin Vice. I now use a Renzetti Rotary Model. I haven’t stopped tying since!

What made you decide to start your fly Business?

I found that I love Creating, and Tying Flies, and it goes back to my “enjoying what I do” philosophy. I have always loved being outdoors, whether it’s fly fishing or looking for things to photograph. Originally I wanted it to be a Guide/Fly Tier Business. But it has become more Tying and Lessons. The Guiding end of it will come in time. The reason for starting River Hunter Flies was, at the time, I was still running my Carpentry Business and tying was going to be part time. Then the economy tanked and the EPA added all these new rules and regulations making the new venture more appealing. So I stopped the carpentry and I now put all my efforts into running River Hunter Flies full time.

Who inspired you to tie flies and start fly fishing if any?
To many to name, but a few would be Bud Guidry, Chris Del Plato, Dick Talleur, Al & Gretchen Beatty, Ray Bergman. Charlie Craven &, Pat Cohen are a couple young tiers that impress me. There are just to many for me to list.

What is your favorite fly?

I would say I love the old “Classic Streamers, Wet Flies” But any fly in my vice is a good fly to me!

What is your most memorable fish you have landed? 
It wasn’t caught on a fly rod but twenty years ago I was fishing with an ultra light spinning setup with 4lb test. I landed a 20lb Carp! It smoked the reels drag and it was done after that fish.

If you could fish anywhere in the world where would it be
Don’t really know. I don’t think that far ahead. To me any place to fish is usually good enough. I don’t like a lot of wind so that rules out a lot of places! Maybe chase Atlantic Salmon in Canada?

What's your favorite fish to target?
I know it sounds dumb but it’s whatever fish I’m targeting at that moment. If I had to chose just one I would have to say I love Smallies, Then Trout, & saltwater. 

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Thank you Stephen For taking the time to Answer my Questions

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