Monday, April 23, 2012

An Outing with Mr. Cohen

So Sunday I got up and got already to go Load up my yak and hit a new lake with My Buddy Pat Cohen and his step dad, But as I was getting ready I look out to see Rain Ugh, this don't look good i said to my self. So i Walk over to my Garage with all my gear ready, and Pat shows up and we both kinda Look at each other and said Well what do you think? So I said well we either are going to catch a fish or catch a cold, so we chatted for a bit and still trying to decide if the rain was going to stop, at that time we Both pull of are Fancy Cell phones, and we are looking at the weather and downloading Weather Radar Apps, LOL,  and It looked to have seem to stop raining,

We said well lets give it a min and see what happens, we looked at the Radar and it showed clear, but a storm moving in, so as were bullshitting in the Garage, Pat shows me his Wide Collection of old Vintage Glass rods and MADE in the USA Reels,  it was a great collection and i soon to have more vintage Rods in my Collection too, so have 20 Min's or so we decided to hit the Local Reservoir for some Perch and Pan Fishing,

We grab our gear, grab a hot Coffee and a way we were, get are gear rigged up, walked up to the water, seconded cast in of mine I hooked a Small Mouth On an olive Woolly Bugger that i tied,  soon after Pat hooks into a Smallie also,

After that it was Tuff Catching Fish, i believe the Perch had Spawned and wanted nothing to do with us, we did get a few to bite and Landed, also even the Blue gills were not liking us, So we fished for couple hours, then the Rain and wind came back, and we were already Being Babies Because we were Soaked to our feet are are hands were numb,  So we called it a day, and set off for home to a Hot Shower and a Cup of Coffee,,

Enjoy the Porn

Tight Lines!!

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  1. Wear your waders next time, and it won't matter if it's raining :)