Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Of Fly-fishing

My Son Aiden!!!!!

So my weekends start on Friday's, (i work 4-10 hour Days!!) witch me a Very nice 3 day weekend every week!!! Here in Upstate NY, the weather was looking great, so With Ice fishing gear packed away I spent Thursday night getting my Fly boxes organized and cleaned my Rods and Reels,

Friday i set out to a Local Reservoir hoping ice would be gone. Witch it was Thank God, up at my Local Reservoir there are 3 ponds, 2 of them have a Mix of
your normal warm water Fish, and the Other pond is a Stock Trout Pond with Brown's and Rainbow's and a Hybrid Trout that our Local College breeds a Tiger Trout,

Tiger Trout

This is my first ever Tiger trout and i will tell u what a Fight, this trout was from a couple months ago,

So as i got my gear all set up and rigged i set out to the warm water ponds with not a bite, the fish are still deep from the cold water, so off to the Trout Pond i go A friend of mine was with me, and my son was also, and i Cast and Cast and Change fly after fly i had one bit but to hook up, so i called it a day, but i did get in some great casting practice witch was well needed,


I went out Back to my Local Reservoir with my Sisters BF/ co-worker, He is a Newbie to fishing and wants me to teach him to fly fish, so i sometime i will, so he had is spinning gear and i had the Fly rod, we fished hard Moving/Changing Flies. Nothing not even a Bite, so i again walk up to the Trout pond, i ties on a Size 6 Bead head Olive Bugger i tied a while ago, and i Swing and let it sink and wait a bit and the start the strip in and on my 4th tug of the Line, it goes tight, FISH ON!!  i play for a Minute or so and Get it to the Shore and Flip it to the Grass, a nice Size 14in Brown with very nice color

That was it for the Day but i was happy with one fish, So to home i went for Corn Beef and Beer!!!


We get back from a Birthday party my wife and kids went to, and my Son was Running on a sugar high, my wife wanted some quiet time, so i suggested ill take Aiden fishing, she Agreed,  Boy Do i love her!!!  So i grab my gear and we head out to a little back wood pond Filled with Monster Blue Gills i figured it getting towards Dusk maybe they would be hitting bugs on Top,  Now i have been going here for a couple years and Ive seen and caught some of my biggest Blue Gills out of here,  so I i tie on a Hard body Popper, i get so nips and i miss a few, so i tie on a Small Dry flie and Boom two hook ups 2 nice Fish, i love the Fight they put up,  Then the Bugs got so bad and started to Bite Aiden and i So i said lets go,  

Little Bend in Rod on a Bluegill

My Go to Gear

So all in all it was a good weekend,  Good fishing and good friends, and Beer!!!!  Till the Next time

Tight Lines


  1. Stephen, good to see you blogging on here man. If you ever need tips on blog spreading or anything else to help you get more exposure man, let me know. Aiden looks like a cool kid man. Later. -Dan from Schoharie

    1. Hey Dan. I don't wanna Sound like an idiot. But do we kno each other lol.

  2. Hahaha. Yeah we go way back. One of the only Asians that went to Schoharie High School.