Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Kayak!


Started my Saturday morning off with a nice Cup of Coffee, relax for a bit with Wife and Daughter, then it was off to get Our Son who had spent the night at he's Papa's house, I had talked about getting a new Kayak for a while so today being a Windy Over-cast day figured why not, so picked up Our Son and headed to the Kayak-Canoe Store, So many to choose from and so many i wanted but way of my price range, so Aiden and i walked around and a Saleswomen came up and asked if i needed help she was very kind, and helpful, so i told her I'm a Fly Fishermen, looking for a good Yak with Space and to be able to Stand Up, so she showed me a few and they were nice but over 1000 bucks, Wife would have Killed me!!!!  so she pointed this one to me it was Made by Native it was the Red Fish in 12Ft, and i sat in it and looked it over and it was exactly what i wanted and i could Stand in it, but it was it a Bright Ass Green, i was not very into the color, so i was asked u would not happen to Have a Different Color? She said let me check, she came back and said Yes we have one in Camo, Now with out even looking at it i was like I WILL  TAKE IT!!!!

I also bought new Paddle and a nice life vest, and had them put on a new rod holder, 

I took her out for its first trip the next day, what a great Yak, tracks nice, easy to load, easy to move around in, and great to fish in!!!!, i have not yet stood up in it, but will in time, water is still very cold and really don't feel like getting wet in case i fall!!!

next Blog will be My Fishing Adventure with the new Yak!!!!!!

Tight Lines!!!!!

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