Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Time With Glass!!!


Sunday started as a very Brisk Morning around 40's, My friend Pat Cohen of  Super Fly, we loaded up Our Yaks and he picked up his Step Dad, and we meet at a local Pond of ours,  we unload gear up, Now this is the First time in my new Yak and also my first time using a Vintage Fiberglass Fly rod and a Vintage Reel,  So i brought a spare Graphite just in case LOL,

First fly I knot on is a Streamer of Mr Cohen. and I start to cast away, took a while to get used to the Slow action of the Glass Rod but i was getting a hang of it, after about 10 or so cast I hook and Landed my first Fish on Glass

Was a Nice Pickerel, i love the fight and to fish for these fish on fly rod, so we keep on moving around, Pat was having hard time hooking up and his step dad was getting into some nice fish,  as the day went on i was loosing the bite of the Pickerel. so i Changed to a White and Chartreuse Clouser Tied by ME!!!
And it was game on Pickerel after Pickerel, i even managed a Real nice Blue Gill

Also got into a couple Perch  here is the Biggest of the Day

I Also managed to get in to a quick School of Crappies

Here are a few of the Pickerel that i caught, in total for the day i had 
10 Pickerel
2 Perch
2 Crappie
1 BlueGill

Not a bad day!!!

This Was the Biggest for the Day  pushing 3lbs  i don't know the length  didn't have Tape Measure with me.

I had a Blast Fishing as always and it was good to get out with Pat, we have not got out together in a while,  Fun times,  he Struggled for the day but i think he figured why his day was not the best  and i quote  these words right from his Mouth   " I should have used my Glass Rods Today"

So now i wait for April 1st witch is Open day for Trout Here in NY, but ill be hitting the Water on the 2nd again with Mr Mr Cohen, so hope to have some good Fish Porn then!!!!!

Tight Lines


  1. Put me to shame on my weekend catch, Steven. Nice post and great first outing in the yak!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I can't wait to get out myself. Nice Job on your blog! :)